How to come?

The cairn of Gavrinis is located on the island of Gavrinis in Larmor Baden. (Between the island of Berder, “l’île Longue” and the island of Er Lannic).

Coordonnées GPS
Latitude : 47.5718427
Longitude : -2.8986743

You can get to Larmor-Baden by car, bike, bus or camping cars. Free parkings are available in the village, just near by the public school. From there, you have a 10 minutes walk to the harbour.

Once you have paid for your tickets (following the booking terms), you can get to the jetty in order to get on board and start your visit.

Contact us :
Cairn de Gavrinis
Cale de Pen Lannic – 56 870 Larmor-Baden
Tél. : 02 97 57 19 38

Maritime links!

An other option is to get to Larmor Baden using one of our maritime link! “Le passeur des îles ( ) offers links:

  • Port-Navalo/Larmor-Baden. This summery offer allows to visit the Cairn of Gavrinis and the cairn of Petit Mont the same day! If you have a bike, do not worry you can take it with you!
  • Locmariaquer/Larmor-Baden


More informations: 06 22 01 67 72 or 02 97 46 43 85