Er Lannic

“the Er Lannic circuit” offers you to get as close as possible from the double megalithic enclosure of the island of Er Lannic, a natural reserve which is not normally accessible.

It is separated with the cairn of Gavrinis by the current of “la jument”( the mare). This ocean current, is the 2nd strongest current of Europe.

Witness of the rising water, this double stone enclosure faces the Cairn of Gavrinis. The upper enclosure consists of 60 stone blocks while the lower enclosure counts 34 blocks, now submerged. During high tides, twenty menhirs remain visible today.

Archaeological excavations carried out in the late 19th and early 20th centuries have revealed impressive material: nearly 800 kg of pottery shards, thousands of flint chips and more than a hundred polished axes or fragments.